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Truth by Genetics & DNA Roots 101

Date/Time: Sat, 2/2/2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: The Wicked Eyed Woman - 133 W Dixie Ave, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701

Price Per Seat: $10.00

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DNA Roots 101

Sponsored by Truth by Genetics

Discover who you are through DNA!

With the million plus Ancestry DNA kits that were sold during the holidays, the results are back and people want answers on understanding the results! We can help you in a fun, very informative way!


This class is being taught to help you understand DNA results that everyone is getting through Autosomal DNA through major Genealogy websites. You will have a better understand of ethnicity results, DNA connections, HOW you are related and help you begin your search for missing family and links. An experienced DNA Search Angel Genealogist with many successful, completed searches under her belt. Many questions can be answered, (no questions are dumb by the way) and have fun doing it! If you are searching for specific people or are looking for answers to family secrets, this is where you want to be!


We will supply basic items to assist in your search, but we encourage you to bring your laptop or tablets so that we can get to the bottom on your brick walls on HOW DNA searching really works! Make sure you grab a pad and pen to write down tricks and tips to help you take these back home and get to work!

This class will touch on many ways to hunt down and identify relatives with YOUR DNA matches and help you understand the "science" behind it, in a fun, uncomplicated way.

A nominal fee is being charged for charts and items we will passed out and coffee or tea if you like. Please register here and we will hold your seat. Lets have some fun digging up the live and dead bodies!