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Girl Scouts - Public Class! Open to all!

Date/Time: Wed, 1/30/2019, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Location: Fat Willy's - 4325 Maine Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904

Price Per Seat: $24.00

This event has already passed

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Join us for a Cookie Kick off painting!!  So fun!

Come with your troop or come solo!  Register early space is limited!!

** Important!  Once you put in contact information it will direct you to pay pal.  You do not have to have a pay pal account.  You can put in a cc number.  If you skip this step it does not register you and I do not receive information that you are attending the class.  You can call or text with any questions!   Penni - 507-421-6985

** Important #2!  Bring cash!!  Reserve your spot with your cc.  At check in bring $24.  That saves me a lot of money in credit card fees!

*If you only put in your personal information and not your cc information it does NOT save your information or register you! You will need to process it through to the end. You can always call or text to register : 507-421-6985

Yes, you can still pay at the door. Here is how it works:

1. Follow the link

2. It will ask for your name etc information and then pop you into paypal where you put in your cc information.

3. When you check in at class you will be asked if you would like to pay cash. The funds will then be refunded as a credit on your card. We do appreciate when people pay cash at the door because of all the awful cc fees.

4. It is important that you register so we can be all set up and start on time!

5. You can also register by calling / texting Penni at 507-421-6985.

** Clicking "going" on Facebook does not register you**

Like any ticket event no shows will not be refunded.  Our policy allows cancellations 24 hours in advance.  To cancel you must call or text Penni 507-421-6985. Thank you for your respect and understanding of this policy.

We do not allow people to "share a spot".  If you are coming to assist your child that is perfectly fine.  But if you are planning to paint you will need to register! Thank you!