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The Art & Science of blending HERBAL TEA

Date/Time: Sun, 7/29/2018, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Price Per Seat: $35.00

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Ever want to create your own HERBAL tea? Now you can!

Come enjoy this 2 hr. experience where we will focus on spices to create your own, unique HERBAL tea variations: 

1. Learn about herbs and their attributes, brewing techniques for herbal teas, and how to best compose this blend of tea - think leaves, florals, and mints! 

2. Compose a 2 oz. blend of spiced tea through guided instruction

3. Create your very own 2 oz. spiced tea blend

*Enjoy 15% off same day retail ingredients and Nelson’s Tea purchases

Bring your family, friends, and significant others! Fun for everyone!

HoiTea ToiTea
6283 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone number: (317) 910-9977

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